Kowloon park flamingos

Click here for larger “angry flamingos” shot Saw these today – Wednesday – while in Kownloon – Advertisements

Hong Kong’s “The Peak”

The photo below was taken Tuesday at “The Peak” – which you can drive to the top of, or take a 100-year-old concept of a cable-car tram. I took a taxi up, ate… Continue reading

Eating on The Peak

This photo was taken at a Japanese Restaurant overlooking downtown Hong Kong. The food was delicious and the view even better.

In Hong Kong now…

Made it to HK… will head out soon to find some food, take pics, and practice my Cantonese.

Panchan – the little side dishes that make the meal

Korean food can come with many panchan – side dishes – such as these in a restaurant in Seoul:

Seoul back alleys

Seoul has many side streets that cars can barely pass on.  It also has alleys off of these small streets… such as this one: :

Korean Starbucks – Hangul letters

Seoul has many Starbucks but maybe only one with the name written out in Korean. This one is in Insadong, a popular outdoor shopping area.

Another full day of Seoul

Posing with this guard was easy. He and the other 2 guards behind him stay motionless… and e-motionless. But later a group of girls got him to smile a little.

Myung Dong and me

 Myung Dong is a network of streets that form a large outdoor market/mall… normal (indoor) shops with street vendors outside, selling mostly clothes, food, and other normal wares.  And also squid and some… Continue reading

Free Hugs – Seoul-style

 Inspired no doubt by the video that has been seen over 20 million times on “free hugs”, these two people had a good spot at one of the main entrances to Myung Dong.… Continue reading