Sea Bugs – Street fare in Seoul

These bugs are apparently harvested from the sea… they tasted how I thought cicadas would taste… earthy, rooty, and a little disgusting. They were being sold on the street in the Jeung-lo area… Continue reading

Home… with a pile of mail waiting

Made it back from London… British Airways was a bad experience (again), due to multiple problems with service, and having their clocks be an hour off. Going around the world… today it’s finished! … Continue reading

Shakespeare’s Head

It’s a bar, founded originally by distant relative’s of Williams… go to Soho and you can find it hopping with people on a Friday night.

London Tower Guard

The London Tower guard moved every once in a while to change position, lift his gun, etc.

London Calling

The Big Ben clock tower is in the background.

Tower Bridge – London

 The bridge’s drawbridge went up just after this photo was taken. And, on the way out are toilets… way out toilets…

John Cusack and me

A film festival in London brought some stars there … including John Cusack.

Kowloon – Avenue of Stars

Kowloon – the part facing Hong Kong – offers a nice view. The Aveneue of Stars has handprints and signatures of movie stars along the walkway, and also has a larger-than-life statue of… Continue reading

Ferry to Kowloon from Hong Kong Island

Taking the ferry either way, between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, is a cheap fun trip. Upper or lower deck (different prices, and the upper deck at least has an air-conditioned section) are… Continue reading

Breakfast in Hong Kong – Central Station

There is a photo of a rice cake to go along with this post, but uploading is a problem at the moment. The rice cake was filled with veggies and some sort of… Continue reading