The pre-flight post

waiting for another halfway-around-the-world trip… Advertisements

Namdaemun Gate photos

The photo of the top – before the fire that destroyed it – of the Namdaemun Gate in Seoul shows the detail (click on the thumbnail to enlarge) Videos of the gate –… Continue reading

Seoul, South Korea video – first reel

The video snippets showcase a lot of the energy and culture that Korea has to offer. Much of the night street scenes were shot in and around Insadong (in Seoul). The sea creature… Continue reading

London video clips – 1st reel

Some high-definition clips from London were assembled into a a few minutes of how some time in London was spent. Starts with some wildlife outside of Buckingham Palace, and then moves on to… Continue reading

Flowers in Kowloon

These flowers are in the park in Kowloon, not far from the swimming pool and the flamingos.


This way to Insadong. What else is in Insa-dong? Shopping…

Old Tea Shop

In a back alley in Seoul is the Old Tea Shop. Didn’t get to go all of the way in, but the steps make a nice presentation for shoppers.

Werewolves of London – Lee Ho Fook

Chinatown is in the Soho area of London… when you see the red lanterns you are in the main area. Werewolves? Yes, there still is a Lee Ho Fook chinese restautant in London,… Continue reading

Mac OS launch being promoted in London

This guy smiled at me after I snapped his photo… he was one of 2 or 3 others walking around Soho in London on a Friday night promoting the Mac OS Leopard Launch.

London Tower

This is the south side of the London Tower, near the entrance and the dungeon area.  It’s from a Saturday and lots of people were visiting.